Severe weather floods roads in Reimst and Bilzen

Severe weather floods roads in Reimst and Bilzen

Thunderstorms that had been warned for days caused severe flooding in Limburg and Wallonia on Tuesday evening. Also, rain was already falling from the sky in Brussels and the Netherlands. Many tunnels in Brussels had to be closed. RMI announces the code orange for the east (south) of the country.

In Bilzen, and especially in Rimst, several roads were flooded on Tuesday evening due to heavy rains. The fire department of the emergency zone East Limburg had already received 40 reports on Tuesday evening, of which about 20 to 25 were from Rimst.

The municipality of Reimst will be hit hardest on Tuesday evening, confirms the fire brigade of the emergency area East Limburg. Streets are empty in Vroenhoven, Val-Meer and Heukelom, among others. In addition, a large part of the Boulderstraat and Maastrichtersteinweg in Zichen-Zussen-Boulder is under water.

The sandbags are transported from Bilzen to the badly affected settlements in Reimust. Bilzen has also been known to have flooded places, including Rosmir. In Voeren, an orange alarm level applies due to the Voer and Berwijn rivers.

“At present, 40 reports have been received, which are highly localized and located in a single location,” the East Limburg fire department said. The ’20 to 25 reports are all for Remust, in addition to several strategic locations in Bilzen and Voren. We expect the situation to worsen on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. We have more than 3,000 sandbags ready.

There was also flooding south of Dutch Limburg. The highway between Heerlein and Maastricht was closed to the A79 and in many neighbourhoods the roads are empty. At the local level, 75 liters of water fell from the sky in no time.

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The police on Tuesday evening called upon the people to stay at home and not undertake any further travel. They were also asked to follow the instructions of the emergency services and not to drive recklessly on the flooded roads.

In the youth camps of Chiro Vlaanderen and Scouts and Gidsen Vlaanderen, the groups were who have been warned about the storm in the camp.


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