Shanghai Ranking: Two Belgian universities in the top 100

Shanghai Ranking: Two Belgian universities in the top 100

Anglo-Saxon establishments impose themselves in the first 10 places the same as last year: eight American universities and two British universities occupy the top of the 2022 edition of this world ranking of the best establishments of higher education, which has been ranked since 2003 by the cabinet independent Shanghai Ranking. was done by. Counseling.

Harvard, ranked first, is once again ahead of its compatriot Stanford. This year, another US university, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), took third place on the podium, slipping British Cambridge to fourth. It is followed by the American universities Berkeley (fifth) and Princeton (sixth) and then the British Oxford (seventh). Overall, 39 US universities are in the top 100. The first non-Anglo-Saxon institution, the French University of Paris-Saclay, is ranked 16th.

And in Belgium?

like last year, two Flemish institutions are in the top 100. These are UGent, ranked 74th (-3 places from last year) and KU Leuven, ranked 95th (-8 places). ULB is the only French-speaking Belgian university ranked in the top 150 in the world according to this ranking.

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The Shanghai rankings take into account six criteria, including the number of Nobels and Fields medals – considered the Nobel of mathematics – among graduate students and professors, the number of most cited researchers in their discipline, or publications in Science and Nature journals. number of.

This year, over 2,500 establishments were screened to establish a ranking of the first 1,000.


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