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After 22 days, in which Heritage Square, located in the heart of Sharjah, turned into a carnival to celebrate the heritage of 29 billion and foreign countries, “Sharjah Heritage Days” opened its 18th season of activities, In this way the door to the Emirate’s project of Sharjah to protect and document an open heritage, and to begin it as a region that confirms the shape of common humanity among the world’s people and civilizations. The event, which this year gave the slogan “Cultural Heritage brings us together”, carried the entire memory of the countries in the heart of Sharjah, as it hosted 127,600 visitors on an integrated heritage program from Montenegro, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Tajikistan, Belarus. Hosted. Spain, India, Russia and Bulgaria. At a time when the Imrati folk bands were singing the songs of the people of the mountain and the songs of the hunters, and on one side the drums and the loud sound were ringing loudly, on the other the dambaras, the talons of the Kalkopis. , Other popular musical instruments coming from Asia and Eastern Europe were playing.

At the conclusion of the activities of the “18th Sharjah Heritage Days”, Abdulaziz Al-Mussalam, President of the Sharjah Heritage Institute and Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the Sharjah Heritage Days, said: “The edition of the days of this year was not a continuation. The last 18 years. What I presented during the period was a detailed history recording in the history of those days. Sharjah Heritage, where it visited His Majesty Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, a member of the Supreme Council and the ruler of Sharjah, Sharjah’s message about the need to preserve people’s heritage to build their future, and the ability of heritage to bring us together in the circumstances and challenges the world is going through.

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The events embodied the depth of the Emirati heritage, as it brought to life the memory of the lives of the first two in different environments of Emiratis, as they witnessed the visit of official delegations from various embassies in the country, and visitors to the event, up the hill, Dedicated to marine, nomadic and agricultural environments revolved around corners, so every corner in the country was like a retreat. The time of the last 100 years, where the coffee-making ceremony, watering the crops with animals, traveling on camel’s backs, and crafts were distributed among the construction of ropes, ships, utensils, swords, and more.

The days that celebrated the Republic of Montenegro (Montenegro) as honored guests, and Kazakhstan as a distinguished guest, as the halls and houses of the Square of Heritage, a legacy of rich music and singing with guests from various countries of the world Shared. Popular displays of art of Heban, Leiva, Dan, Andima, Nuban and other arts were seen.

The events of the day were not gratified by the memory of folk arts and singing and dancing of the Imrati, but through “villages of craft” special places were opened to learn about the memory of traditional industries, which closely identified There was a living place to do. The most prominent craft practiced by wealthy women in the past, and the man worked in it to support his family. The construction of kohl (al-atham), for sap, passes through the weaving of the loom, for the manufacture of bisht. , And for the manufacture of birds, the manufacture of Dukkhun, and Sadu, and the preparation of prescriptions from folk medicine, and other trades and industries. It was enough to pass through the corridors of the event to travel to distant cities and countries with fragrance, from the smell of Luakimat, Jawab and Emirati porridge, visitors would travel with the smell of Yomar, and proceed to Jordan. The atmosphere of preparing Musaf, and flowing to the other shores of the Mediterranean Sea with Kazakh berry sweets, and returning to Palestine, where the smell of oil smells of Al-Musakhan, stands before the good facilities. As an Omani confectioner, he shook the sweet mixture to a great extent, smelling the smell of cardamom and saffron.

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Abdulaziz al-Musallam:

• «Legacy is able to bring us together, the world is going through challenges.

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