“She Loves Me With My Hairy Face”: Jesus, Suffering From Hypertrichosis, Finally Feels Good About Himself Because He Found Love (VIDEO)

Mexicans, Jesus, were born with a rare genetic mutation called hypertrichosis. This is excessive hair growth in both men and women. “This tends to happen in areas that already have hair, usually such as the bottom,” says health passport, ,I am one of the 50 cases recorded in the world“Jesus says in true sense,

Jesus inherited hypertrichosis from his great-grandmother. Jesus didn’t always feel that he was understood growing up. It was hard for him to realize that he didn’t look like the other kids in school. ,my childhood was difficult“, she admitted. He started working in the circus at the age of 16 to escape his background and earn a living.

They met during a circus show azusenalove of his life. The lovers now live happily together in a Chihuahua and he says she accepted him for who he is. ,I feel normal next to him. she accepts me as i am“, who has settled in the city of his companion, assures him.

, The first time I saw Jesus, I noticed his physical differences, but also his character and personality. I am very proud of him, because I understand that the phase he is going through is difficult. It’s hard to be accepted by people when you look different“, details azusena,

,At first he found it difficult to go to the supermarket and do his daily shopping. But now people have got used to seeing him and he has become a face Familiar, she adds.

Jesus accepts himself as he is thanks to the love of his partner. He is happy in his new life.

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