Sheikh of Dubai has taken his daughter as a prisoner – she will “never see the sun again” – Royals

Sheikh of Dubai has taken his daughter as a prisoner - she will

After failing to flee his homeland nearly three years ago, Dubai’s emir’s daughter turned him into jail in secret video messages over his father being caught as a “hostage” in a villa.

Says in one of the videos Sheikha Latifah He also feared his life, as reported by the BBC.

The now 35-year-old tried in vain to leave Dubai on a sailing yacht in February 2018. In a video published on YouTube, she accused her father, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rasid al-Maktoum, of holding her for three years, after trying to escape as a teenager in 2002. After a new attempt to escape, nothing more was heard from the princess.

According to The BBC, in a new video, she describes how she was overwhelmed by an Emrati commando on the yacht and was hit by bullets and only regained consciousness in Dubai. She is now under constant surveillance in a closed villa, and police have told her that she will “never see the sun again”. “The situation is getting more desperate every day.”

The Emir of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid al-MaktoumPhoto: Amrit Nabil / dpa

Shikha Latifa said that she had recorded video messages for her close friends from her cell phone in the toilet, as this was the only room she could lock. Your friends gave it to the British broadcaster BBC, who wanted to publish it that evening in its panorama program.

Authorities in Dubai did not initially respond to a request from the AFP news agency for a statement. In April 2018 she announced that the princess had been “brought back” to her family and she was fine.

A British court held the Amir of Dubai responsible for the kidnapping of Latifa and another daughter, Sheikha Shamsa, in March 2020. At the same time, Sheikh Mohammed found his sixth wife, Princess Haza bin al-Hussein, guilty of intimidation. This created an international outcry in the summer of 2019 when she fled to Great Britain with her eight and twelve year olds. Amir denied all the allegations.

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