Shiffrin leaked an archive photo of Zwaneutsky with semi-naked women

Shiffrin leaked an archive photo of Zwaneutsky with semi-naked women

The satirists were very fond of women, and it was mutual

Comedian Efim Shifrin has published an archive photograph of a friend and colleague Mikhail Zavantsky, taken during a concert. In the photo, the satirist appears “in his repertoire”.

As you know, Zavantsky was very fond of women and their company. She devoted dozens of her essays and notes to the beautiful half of humanity, lovingly describing the traits of beautiful women who were dear to her heart – beauty and fragility, cunning and cunning, naivety and weakness, strength and stamina. The artist’s personal life was stormy, and he never missed an opportunity to chat with, or seduce, an attractive girl. Even at a respectable age, Zwaneutsky remained under female attraction.

Shiffrin showed her social network subscribers a joint portrait with women from Zwantsky and Core Deplatte. In the photo, the satirist stands at the very center, amazed and smiling at the same time. It seems that the heroic gentleman’s society is no less pleasant for semi-naked girls.

Shifrin immediately embraces one of the dancers by the shoulders.

“From the dusty shelf …” – the comedian signed the publication.

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