Shortly before the tragedy, dead sailors were filmed singing the song “Goodbye” (video)

Shortly before the tragedy, dead sailors were filmed singing the song

The Indonesian military has released a video showing 53 crew members of the crew KRI Nangla-402 submarine singing together, the BBC writes.

Once on the ocean floor Indonesian submarine found, A video was released a few weeks before the submarine sank with 53 sailors.

The recording, which was made a few weeks before the crew drowned in KRI Nangla 402, shows the crew singing the song “Sampai Jampa” (Goodbye).

Submarine commander Harry Octavian can be seen playing a sailor guitar.

– Although I am not ready to miss you, and I am not ready to be without you, I wish you all the best – the sailors sang.

The video was produced as a farewell gift to the outgoing commander of the Navy’s submarine unit, a spokesman for the Indonesian Army, Zaver Wimbo, told AFP.

The Indonesian military said on Wednesday that it had sought help from Singapore and Australia in search of the submarine off the coast of Bali at around three in the morning after contact with the crew.

The commander of the Indonesian Air Force, Marshal Hadi Chanto, confirmed on Sunday that parts of the missing submarine were found and confirmed that none of the 53 crew members were still alive.

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