Singer Dani passed away at the age of 77

Singer Dani passed away at the age of 77

The artist died “after a malaise” in the area of ​​Tours where she lived, we learned from her manager.

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TookSinger Dani, who was also an actress, model or magazine leader and made a comeback in 2001 with the song “Like a Boomerang”, died Monday at the age of 77, her manager Lambert Baudier told AFP on Tuesday. .

The artist died “after a malaise” in the region of Tours where she lived, we learned from the same source. She had just finished touring her last album “Horizon Doors” and was already preparing for a new album.

Dani chose to call this new disc “Attention Depart”. “We were warned, she forgot to tell us it would be imminent,” wrote her professional crew in a Facebook message.

“Nothing was more important to him than making, singing, being surrounded by people we could still read,” we can still read. “If Dani inspired so many artists – photographers, filmmakers, songwriters, musicians, directors – it’s because she was a powerful breath of life, a perfect nature, full of love and energy”, said its management. reconnects.

At the helm of L’Aventure, a trendy nightclub in the 1970s, Dani was the queen of “Paris by Night.”

François Truffaut won her the Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 1974 for her role as Lillian in “The American Night”.

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Staying away from record companies due to the frequency of artificial parades, she returned to the front of the stage in 2001 thanks to Etienne Daho. The latter offered her to sing in the duet “Come un Boomerang”, a title composed for her by Serge Gainsbourg. But for Eurovision failed and forgotten.

Since then, she has acquired a coveted position which has put her to shame. “There’s a certain side when I feel like I’m in motion,” he told AFP in 2020. She liked to talk about an “unusual career” – model, singer, actress, magazine leader, florist …


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