SpaceX postpones new starship rocket test until Tuesday

SpaceX postpones new starship rocket test until Tuesday

Space company SpaceX has postponed the launch of its prototype starship rocket until Tuesday, which was initially scheduled for Monday, announced Elon Musk from its site in South Texas.

“FAA (US Air Transport Constable) inspectors could not reach the Starbase in time for launch today,” he tweeted, referring to SpaceX’s base near Boca Chica in Texas.

But, assured Elon Musk, the trial is “postponed until no later than tomorrow”, Tuesday.

He did not broadcast a time window for the launch. In the event of a green light, SpaceX will broadcast the operation online.

SpaceX, the company founded by eccentric billionaire Elon Musk, hopes to finally succeed in a test flight of its interplanetary rocket – the last three tests ended in a spectacular explosion.

The previously launched plan for Friday had to be canceled already, probably due to poor weather conditions.

The SN11 is the 11th prototype of the starship rocket and spacecraft that SpaceX hopes will someday take passengers to the Moon, Mars and beyond …

The rocket, to land the 4th prototype, would climb 10 km before making it to the ground for a smooth vertical landing.

The SN8 and SN9 were launched in December and February respectively, but crashed and exploded, while on March 3, SN10 managed to take off and land again, but exploded just minutes later.

Despite these failures, according to experts, SpaceX is accumulating valuable data that will allow it to accelerate the development of its space program.

Eventually, SpaceX planned with its Super Heavy rocket to make its starship spacecraft a fully reusable machine for missions on the Moon and Mars, before finally moving into the solar system.

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The final version of the rocket will measure a height of 120 meters and will be capable of carrying 100 tons of cargo in Earth orbit, thus giving it the title of the most powerful launch vehicle ever.


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