Spain, France…: Extreme temperatures in Europe

Spain, France…: Extreme temperatures in Europe

43 degrees in the south of Spain, more than 30 degrees in some areas of France in May… The temperature will rise again in the coming days.

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TookFrance will experience an extraordinary heat episode this week, with temperatures exceeding 30ºC, which should break records in many regions, Meteo-France said on Monday, while the country is already threatened by drought.

In the context of global warming, temperatures, already mild since the beginning of May, “will begin to peak again at very high values ​​between Wednesday and Thursday or Friday in the middle of the week. Near the English Channel and the Mediterranean coast With the exception of areas of C, the maximum in most regions will be between 30 and 34ºC,” Météo-France specifies.

According to the Public Establishment, “an extremely rare event in May in some cities, such as Lyon, may experience at least five consecutive days exceeding the high heat limit (30ºC), a series that can last as long as six or even seven days in Montelimar. can walk.

Like Spain, the temperature in France during the same period is ten degrees warmer than normal.

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in spain

The weather is forecast to be 43 degrees in southern Spain at the end of the week. The latest climate report on forecasted temperatures for years to come does not predict much improvement.

in Asia

In India, the mercury reached 43 degrees Celsius in March, which is the hottest month on record. Temperatures often climb above 45ºC in the country, but this year’s heatwave came earlier in the year, and evidence, many experts say, is that climate change is making life unbearable for nearly 1.4 billion Indians. The temperature is reaching its peak in Pakistan too.

in Belgium

According to the Meridian Bulletin of the Royal Meteorological Institute, over the next few days, the weather will be clear, sometimes cloudy, which can lead to one or another rain. The maximum temperature will reach up to 30 degrees at places.

“It is an episode of heat that is exceptional, lasting, widespread and intense for the season, even if the episode does not conform to the definition of a ‘heat wave’,” explains AFP Mathieu Sorel, climatologist from Météo-France.


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