Spanish king Felipe indirectly criticized Juan Carlos royalty

 Spanish king Felipe indirectly criticized Juan Carlos royalty

He was “committed to the moral and ethical principles that citizens demand of our conduct,” and these principles are “beyond any consideration, even personal or family,” King said. This was a reference to his infamous father this year Juan Carlos, Without mentioning by name. His actions were inconsistent with the “integrity, honest and transparent conduct” that Felipe promised to guard himself when he became king. Raja has been accused in recent times of telling him about the behavior of his accused father.

According to the Catalan newspaper Pawn This was partly his main message of the year. News sheet Country Already talked about the ‘hardest speech’ since his accession to the throne in 2014. Juan Carlos, in particular from the left and republican angle, had in August made a clear condemnation for alleged irregularities for Abu Dhabi.

Christmas speech Juan Carlos

There was an example for this. In 2011, Juan Carlos, on his own Christmas address, highlighted the responsibilities of people in public positions. At the time, it was also seen as a rebuke to his son-in-law involved in the corruption scandal. Inaki Udangarin. “The law is the same for everyone,” Juan Carlos said at the time. Those were the words government coalition partner Unidas Podemos was happy to remind in recent times.

but Felipe While ascending the throne he had expressed himself in this sense. “Today more than ever, citizens are rightfully demanding that moral and ethical principles inspire and emulate our public life.” In his speech Thursday evening, Felipe referred to it when he raised the difficult point.

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