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Moscow Russia to warn United States of america (America) to ensure its warships stay away from Crimea “for their own good.” Moscow called for a provocation designed to test Russia’s deployment of American warships in the Black Sea.

Moscow captured Crimea From Ukraine In 2014 and two US warships will arrive in the Black Sea this week amid escalating fighting in eastern Ukraine, where government forces are battling Russian-backed forces in a conflict that says Kiev has killed 14,000 people.

The deployment came as the West stated that it had a large and inexplicable buildup of Russian troops near Ukraine’s eastern border and in Crimea. Russia says it is mobilizing its army as it wishes for defensive purposes.

Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned US warships in the Black Sea to maintain a distance, saying the risk of unspecified incidents was too high.

“There is absolutely nothing that American ships can do near our shores, it is purely provocative. Exciting in the immediate sense of the word: They are testing our strength, playing on our nerves. They Will not be successful, ”Ryabkov said.

“We warned the United States that it would be better for them to stay away from Crimea and our Black Sea coast. It was good for their own good,” Ryabkov warned. Reuters, Tuesday (13/4/2021).

The Pentagon has refused to discuss the deployment of its warships, only stating that the US military regularly ships to the region.

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet is located in Crimea and has powerful missile and radar facilities on the peninsula.

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It was previously reported that the US is considering sending its warships to the Black Sea in the coming weeks to show support for Ukraine.

As the defense official said, the US Navy routinely operates in the Black Sea but the deployment of warships will now send a “special message” to Moscow. The defense official said that the US is doing this amid growing Russian military presence on the eastern border of Ukraine.

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On Friday, Turkey’s foreign ministry confirmed that the US would deploy two warships through the Bosphorus in the Black Sea next week. The American warships will pass through the Bosphorus and enter the strained zone on 14 and 15 April. They will both leave the Black Sea on 4 May and 5 May.

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