Stranded customers at IKEA store get rare opportunity to sleep in exhibition room

Stranded customers at IKEA store get rare opportunity to sleep in exhibition room

Copenhagen, – Customer Ikea Was trapped inside the shop’s showroom, forced to get down and spend the night snow,

Six customers and nearly two dozen employees were forced to spend the night inside a store in Aalborg, Denmark, after a snow storm on Wednesday (11/1/2021).

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The group was trapped inside the store when the ice was 12 inches thick, leaving customers and employees trapped.

He decided to try not to travel during the winter season.

Customers have the rare opportunity to actually try out their potential new bedroom set.

A quick stay allows each guest to choose which product and mattress they prefer.

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“we sleep exhibition Hall Furniture On the first floor, where we have beds, mattresses and sofa beds,” store manager Peter Elmrose told the newspaper. spare blade Denmark, launch Sun On Friday (12/3/2021).

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The workers of the adjacent toy shop also got caught and joined in the fun.

Toy store manager Michelle Barrett said: “It’s so much better than sleeping in the car. It was nice and warm and we’re glad they let us in.”

“We’re only laughing at the situation, because we probably won’t experience it again.”

Photos show a group of stranded customers enjoying themselves in various furniture displays.

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