“strange”. Sejam’s presidency prepared a proposal on Navalni, Vinnyki criticizes

This was mentioned by Confederation MP Robert Vinky on his Twitter.

“The Presidium of the Sejm (PIS, PO, PSL and SLD) offered a bizarre draft proposal on an attempt to poison and arrest Navalny. An emotional and heavenly text of Navalny, who while living in Russia, has been given the Nord Stream as much as Putin. Will support … “-. Evaluates the politician.

Therefore, the Confederation proposed its own draft proposal. It expressed concern about Navalny’s detention. A “fast and transparent investigation” was also expected.


Alexey Navalny faces 3.5 years in prison.

Navalny detained on his return to Moscow

On Sunday afternoon, Alexei Navalny returned to Moscow with his wife by plane. Navalny remained in Germany for several months after an unsuccessful attempt by the Russian services to poison him.

The opposition activist’s decision to return to Russia provoked many comments as he was conducting investigations in his country. It is about the alleged embezzlement of 4 million euros from donations, as well as a case from 2013 that violates the terms of parole – reminiscent of the “Deutsche Vale” website.

According to media reports, the opposition He was arrested a few minutes after landing at Shermatiyovo Airport during passport control.

According to the spokesperson for the politician Kiara Jarmaze, during the arrest, the policemen refused to say why they were arresting Navalni. The Navy lawyer, Olga Mikhailovna, who flew in the same aircraft, was also not allowed to travel with the opposition.

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