Striking Explanation: They can’t even cross it!

Çarpıcı açıklama: Yanından bile geçemezler!

paperIn an article published in Russianew generation of missile defense system It was said that the S-500, which is a missile defense system, is superior to all the missile defense systems developed by China in the region.

The author of the article, Lin Sen, reminded that China has developed new air defense systems such as the HQ-9B, HQ-22 and HQ-19, reflecting its recent achievements in air and missile defense, “However, none of them can even come close to the S-500 missile system, which has air and space defense systems.” He has written.

sputnikin newsAccording to the author, if an export version of the S-500 missile system is released, the Chinese authorities should seriously consider purchasing this system.

The S-500, a ‘surface-to-air’ defense missile system, is capable of hitting aerodynamic targets such as aircraft and helicopters and cruise missiles, in addition to ballistic missiles, thanks to its increased range and altitude capability.

With a range of 600 km, the system is capable of simultaneously detecting and hitting 10 ballistic targets flying at a speed of 7 km per second. The S-500s can neutralize the warheads of supersonic missiles. The S-500 is a missile defense system that surpasses its predecessor the S-400 and its US-made counterpart, the Patriot Advanced Capability 3 system, in terms of features.

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