Super Typhoon Hashen is likely to be a record-breaking storm for Japan

Super Typhoon Hashen is likely to be a record-breaking storm for Japan

Japanese Residents for Saturday effect as powerful Super Typhoon Hashen Bound by unusually warm water towards the Okinawa Islands.

Weather officials Hurricanes warned of torrential rains and strong winds Another in a week, Instruct them to take refuge and continue to stock up Food And water.

Another crew member, a dead cow after a ship sank from Japan

With Continuous winds up to 180 kilometers At 112 miles per hour, Hashen is on his way to land in Okinawa by Sunday and will soon reach the main southern island of Kyushu. Japan Meteorological Agency.

The impact of the Category 5 typhoon will be felt just before its 36-mile-wide center reaches the coast in southern Japan.

On Friday, September 4, 2020, people arrive at the Kagoshima Heliport in southern Japan to seek refuge in the face of a powerful hurricane. (Via Kyodo News AP)

Okinawa is home About 50,000 U.S. More than half of the army Located in Japan under a bilateral treaty.

Heishen, whose name means “sea god” in Chinese, also expects slam. Korean Peninsula On Tuesday, according to the Associated Press – near Busan – South Korea’s second largest city. Recent measurements show the system moving northward from 15 kph (9 miles).

Yoshihisa Nakamoto, a weather agency official, told reporters that people are worried about staying at home instead of fleeing because of fear. Nationwide epidemic of Covid-19.

“You shouldn’t avoid going out because of such fear,” he said.

Hurricanes are forecast Atmospheric pressure of 915 hectopascals The meteorological agency noted that at its midpoint and on Sunday, 198 kph. (123 miles per hour).

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Early last year, Typhoon Mayask Beaten in a single region, injuring dozens and cutting off electricity to thousands of homes.

Assuming the super typhoon sets a landfill record as a Category 2 hurricane or greater earthquake in South Korea this week, it will be only the seventh hurricane on record to do so.

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In addition, Heishen will also be the fifth typhoon to hit this season A new record.

a The cargo ship had 43 crew members And 5,800 cows New Zealand Covering the country’s coast when two people of Filipino nationality were rescued on Friday and one body was found, the Philippine government said others would be searched. Has been temporarily suspended Because of Heishen.

The Associated Press contributes to this report.


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