Suspicious test for Omicron in our country, results expected – Topics in Development

Suspicious test for Omicron in our country, results expected - Topics in Development

with Suspected samples for a new variant of the coronavirus Omicron in Bulgaria. They are based on preliminary tests obtained by PCR test. was asked for nova Virologist at the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases Association Prof. Ivello Alexiev.

Coronavirus: 2299 new cases, 103 deaths in our country

The suspect samples were loaded into a special sequencer late last night and it will be clear at the earliest on Friday whether they contain omicrons.

The tests are for people from different parts of Bulgaria. At present, there is no information whether he has traveled abroad or not.

Earlier today, Mathematician of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Prof. Ogan Kunchev told that he expects Omicron to come to Bulgaria before Christmas.

“The flow of people from the west is important. These are students and activists. They start arriving on December 10, when plane tickets are cheaper”, Prof. Kunchev explained Nova.

He also showed the figures so far. According to him, 238 cases have been registered in England, 35 in USA, 24 in Netherlands, 22 in Austria and 15 in Germany.

EC criticizes countries with low levels of vaccination

“These are officially registered. Unofficially – multiply by 5. The goal is to measure the flow of people coming to our country for the Christmas holidays”, Prof. Kunchev explained.

According to him, there is a risk for vaccinated people who have not received a booster dose but have expired after 6 months of vaccination.

Omicron vs Delta – Battle of the COVID-19 Mutants

Pro. Kunchev noted that Omicron already accounts for 80% of coronavirus cases in South Africa for the period from 1 to 15 November. And for 3 weeks – 90%.

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