Taliban opened fire on Afghans with country’s national flag : Crime : World : Lenta.ru

Taliban opened fire on Afghans with country's national flag : Crime : World : Lenta.ru

Taliban in the Afghan city of Asdabad, located in Kunar province (banned in russia) shot down a car running under the national tricolor flag of the country. writes about ria novosti With reference to its source in the city.

Ihtesham Afghan his page in . Feather Twitter Published footage purportedly filmed at the scene.

“Today Taliban opened fire on people celebrating Independence Day in Kunar. Many people were killed and injured. This is the real face of Taliban,” said the user who posted the video.

The video shows a car with a three-colour Afghan flag in its window. After leaving the lens, the sounds of shots are heard, people on the street start running, screams are heard. At the same time, it is impossible to understand from the frame whether the fire was directed at the car and people.

It is known that the Taliban have already opened fire on people carrying the “Republican” flag.

It was previously reported that radical Taliban militants Revealed Firing to disperse a crowd in Jalalabad city of Nangarhar province. It was clarified that people had gathered to celebrate the Independence Day of Afghanistan. As a result of the firing, four people were killed and three others were captured by the Taliban.

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