Tension rises again: Western bomber blew up 20 km from Russian border, says Putin

Tension rises again: Western bomber blew up 20 km from Russian border, says Putin

“(Our) Western partners are exacerbating the situation by supplying Kyiv with lethal modern weapons and conducting provocative military maneuvers in the Black Sea,” Putin said in a speech to members of the Foreign Ministry’s board, in which he also claimed that Western bombers were flying “20 kilometers from our border”,

At the same time, Putin insisted that Russia did not need a conflict on its western borders, and called for the Foreign Ministry to look into “Serious and Long-Term Safety Guarantee” in this area. The Russian president also said that Russia’s recent warnings to the West have failed. “There’s still some tension there,” where did it go. He said that this situation needs to be maintained “As much as possible so that they do not think of creating any unnecessary conflict on our western border”,

Zdroj: Sita / AP Photo / Efrem Lukatsky

“We don’t need conflicts.” Putin insisted. He again mentioned that in recent days relations between Russia have been “Just unparalleled, the level of relations with Western partners, including the United States, was almost allied”, but Russia’s concerns and warnings of NATO expansion in the east “completely ignored”,

Now, according to Putin, it can be seen that the military structure of NATO is already close to the borders of Russia. “In Romania and Poland, missile defense systems are as easy to use as there are MK-41 launchers, attack systems. Changing software settings is a matter of minutes.” Putin warned. At the same time, he criticized the West for warnings from Russia. “Didn’t cross the red lines” Determined by Russia, they build very loosely.

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