Thailand: Woman faces 43 years in jail

Thailand: Woman faces 43 years in jail

A Thai court has sentenced a woman to a long prison term. 65-year-old Eichan Prellert is accused of sharing a post on the social network that humiliated the royal family. This was the most harsh sentence in the history of the South East Asian country.

The Draconian decision came at a time when large parts of the country are openly rebelling against the monarchy and government. In doing so, they repeatedly risk being opposed to strict legislation. Even the smallest violation can happen Thailand There was a long jail term.

According to her lawyer, the convicted woman, who worked as an officer in the tax authorities, confessed to sharing a total of 29 posts or videos, insulting the royal family in 2014 and 2015. Originally, he was sentenced to 87 years in prison. But because he showed his prudence and admitted his violation, the punishment was halved.

According to the news agency, the lawyer in Bangkok spoke Reuters Of »The highest prison sentence in such a case«. The convict can appeal against the decision on two higher officials.

At least 169 people have been arrested since the 2014 coup

Thailand has one of the toughest laws in the world. Any alleged crime against the royal family, which is depicted on posters and shop windows across the country, is carried out aggressively and can be punishable by up to 15 years for any crime.

The prosecution has increased significantly since a military junta assumed power in 2014. According to the lawyers’ rights group, at least 169 people have been charged since the coup. For months now, more and more youth are taking to the streets to demonstrate about inequality in the country. Dozens of people were arrested (Read an interview about the protests in the country) is.

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A man arrested in 2014 was sentenced to only four years in prison on Monday. He is accused of publishing articles that contained untruths about the monarchy.

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