The 10 Ambassadors Who Called Osman Kavala Weren’t Invited to the Ceremony of the Presidency on October 29

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President Erdoan accepted the greetings on the occasion of Republic Day on 29 October at a ceremony held at the Presidential Complex.

Erdogan, President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mustafa Sentop, Vice President Fuat Okte, President of the Constitutional Court Zuhtu Arslan, President of the Supreme Court Mehmet Akarka, President of the Council of State Zeki Yisit, Chairman of the Court of Accounts Metin Yener, Members of the Presidential Cabinet, MHP President Devlet Bahceli, Chief of Staff General Guler and army commanders welcomed members of the Turkish Grand National Assembly and representatives of foreign missions.

10 ambassadors not invited

Making a joint call for the release of Osman Kavala, US Ambassador David M. Satterfield, German Ambassador Jurgen Schulz, French Ambassador Hervé Magro, Canadian Ambassador Jamal Khokhar, Dutch Ambassador Merjen de Kvasteniet, Swedish Ambassador Stefan Herström, Norway Ambassador Erling Skjonsberg, New Zealand Ambassador Wendy Hinton, Finnish Ambassador Ari at the congratulatory ceremony held in the Presidency Maki and Danish Ambassador Danny Annan were not invited. These countries were not represented in the congratulatory ceremony at any level. It turned out that the ambassadors had been told in advance that they would not be invited to the event.

10 Ambassador Called Kavala

Ten ambassadors made a call for Osman Kavala, who was imprisoned, and President Erdoan instructed the Foreign Ministry to declare him “Persona non Greta”. Later, while the ambassadors promised to abide by the Vienna Convention, their declaration of “personality non greta” was also rescinded.

The 10 Ambassadors Who Called Osman Kavala Weren't Invited to the Ceremony of the Presidency on October 29


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