The beginning of peace on the fire front, the end of heat and the sight of rain

The beginning of peace on the fire front, the end of heat and the sight of rain

Eighteen divisions are on Orange Alert, of which 16, from Southwest to Finisterre, are on Heat Wave Orange Alert. But should this heat wave end on Sunday, thunderstorms will hit much of France. Both departments of Corsica have been placed under Storm Orange Vigilance since Saturday.

However, it is difficult to estimate the impact of thunderstorms on ongoing fires, especially because of the risk of strong thunderstorms that can be problematic for firefighters.

A month after the two massive fires of Landiras and Teste-de-Buch in Gironde, the restoration of the “Landiras-2” fire, as firefighters call it, did not proceed for more than 48 hours after devastated 7,400 hectares of pine. Increased. ,

On Friday evening, residents of some areas of the Landes municipalities of Mouste and Saugnac-et-Mueret were authorized to return to their homes, and were classified “red” by bison foote on this Saturday, officials said. The 63, which connects Bordeaux with Spain, has been closed since Wednesday on a 20km stretch.

But “the fire is still active to the west”, warned the prefect of Gironde Fabien Buccio, recalling that a thousand firefighters were still mobilized, supported by German and Romanian allies, from the bridgeheads of a detachment of 361 firemen, Including sticks. Austrian.

“we want to help”

“Here, we’re all volunteers. We’re trained, we want to help,” said Tone Neuhlfeld, a 36-year-old German firefighter who said he suffered a “very impressive” fire he had already seen in Germany. Had seen it.

At Merignac airport, near Bordeaux, two Italian Canadians and two Greek Canadians arrived on Friday morning. “We are happy because we know we are helping you, guys,” said Commander Anastasis Sarioglu, 36, who is on his first mission in France.

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In Hostense, at Gironde, where the PCs had taken over the air of a Spanish tavern, the head of the detachment, Romanian Colonel Cristian Buhainu, assured that his 77 firefighters – uniforms with red suspenders, caps and flocked trucks + Pompieri + – Were “ready to go into the fray”, soon joined by 21 Polynesian fire soldiers.

“They come from the other side of the world and come to support their comrades who are fighting the flames in Gironde: thanks to our firefighters in Polynesia for their solidarity. Maururu!” (Thanks in Tahiti), tweeted President Emmanuel Macron in the afternoon.

In France, three times more hectares have been burned than the annual average for the past ten years, and in the European Union the record since the start of the record in 2006.

Even Jura, with its generally more moderate climate, was hit by two fires.

In Brittany, about 300 hectares caught fire on Friday in the Brokelionde forest, west of Rennes. At the end of the afternoon, he was “two-thirds vested” according to the prefect of Morbihan, Pascal Bolot.

In Ardeche, the fire, which devastated at least 320 hectares, has been “fixed”, the department’s prefecture announced Friday afternoon, adding that 150 to 200 firefighters remained mobilized.

Faced with this “extraordinary” situation, several large French companies – Carrefour, Orange, EDF, AXA, Auchan and even GRDF – have taken measures to facilitate the release of their volunteer firefighters, who Answer the call from the Minister of the Interior. Gerald Darmanin.

On Friday evening, the minister asked prefects to be “particularly cautious” or even to cancel the traditional August 15 fireworks display due to the “increased risk of fire”.

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The expected rainfall from Saturday evening will be insufficient to address the historic drought the country is going through, Meteo-France warned after a month of July, which averaged less than a centimeter of rain.

The storm will hit “very dry soil, with fairly significant risks of runoff” that does not allow water to be absorbed and increases the risk of flooding “and the risk of hailstorms”, said Claire Chanel, forecaster, during a press briefing. warned. Friday evening.

Water is forbidden in a large part of France, and 73 provinces have banned the withdrawal of water from farmers in all or part of their departments.


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