The Belgian army is soon with France in Romania within the framework of NATO? “It’s one of the options”

L’armée belge bientôt aux côtés de la France en Roumanie dans le cadre de l’OTAN ? "C’est une des options"

As part of NATO’s response to the Ukrainian crisis, France is accelerating the dispatch of land forces to Romania. The Belgian army is ready and can join: “Elements of the Belgian army and related personnel are already trained and ready to be deployed in a very short time”.

Faced with a worsening of the conflict in Ukraine, the Belgian army is ready to deploy in a very short time. “La Défense is ready to be deployed if the situation requires it. As a reminder, decisions regarding the activation of the VJTF have not yet been taken by NATO.Indicates employees.

NATO has actually asked its members to increase the availability of its Rapid Reaction Force (Very High Readiness Joint Taskforce – VJTF) and additional troops that will be able to rapidly deploy to Eastern Europe. All member states therefore propose commitments within the framework of these various forces, which may possibly be deployed (by NATO decision with the political support of the North Atlantic Council). Keeping this in mind, Belgium has provided a contingent (about 500 soldiers), as well as F16s and a ship, to this VJTF.

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