The Biden administration intends to close Guantanamo Bay

The Biden administration intends to close Guantanamo Bay

White House spokesman Jane Saki confirmed that US President Joe Biden’s administration intends to close the special prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Mr. Biden’s plans are backed by the White House.

“This is definitely our goal and intention,” Ms. Psaki said in the briefing (quoted). Reuters) is. He said that several US departments are involved in the discussion of the issue.

Earlier, Reuters reported that Joe Biden’s administration began considering the future of Guantanamo Bay’s special prison. According to the agency, an official document on his fate could be signed in the coming weeks or months.

The closing of Guantanamo Bay, built by the United States in 2002 at a military base in Cuba for international terrorists, was one of Barack Obama’s major promises during his first election campaign in 2008. In late December 2016, Mr. Obama promised to continue the transfer of Guantanamo detainees to other countries until the last day of his presidency, despite Congress’s refusal to close the prison in 2017. However, the 45th US President Donald Trump signed an order that continued to operate the prison.

Read about why Barack Obama called for the closure of the prison in the publication of Comrsant.

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