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LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson partying with friends at his official residence in defiance of the 2020 government curfew. Although this has generated a lot of controversy, he has now publicly apologized for the act.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is one of the most controversial leaders behind former US President Trump. Kovid is new to the world in 2020. When developed countries saw this, they got scared, whether they were poor or not.

Curfew was imposed not only on people at high risk of infection but also in the country. The tragedy occurred when Kovil did not even allow the next of kin of the deceased to attend the last rites.

latest tamil news

At that time the curfew was strictly enforced in England. People were also ordered not to attend outdoor events including funerals. The police imposed fines on those who violated the rules.

He was also given a prison sentence for several offences. The woman was only allowed to watch her brother’s funeral on video. At the same time, the British Prime Minister was having an affair with friends at his official residence. The picture was released and received critical acclaim from both the public and the opposition.

Boris Johnson has now publicly apologized for this. Speaking during Question Hour in Parliament, he said, ‘I do not show respect to the millions of British people who followed the rules of the government and did not even attend the funeral.

I sincerely apologize to him and this House. said. This was not accepted by opposition Labor Party leader Khair Stormer. The man who made a useless apology said that he is a shameless man and he should resign.

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