The coronaryvus vaccine is given to those who had to wait for months! So did happen

  The coronaryvus vaccine is given to those who had to wait for months!  So did happen

Josephine County health workers were returning from mass vaccination at Cave Junction High School in late January. However, on the way, they get caught in an ice storm, in which they get trapped. However, they still had six doses of the vaccine, which were in danger of being eliminated before they were used. So the medics decided to contact the drivers who were stuck in a column with them if they did not want to get vaccinated. In the case an ambulance was parked nearby, either of them developed an unexpected allergic reaction.

When Josephine County Public Health staff and volunteers concluded their mass vaccination program in the Illinois Valley …

Posted by Josephine County Public Health On Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Everyone ate the vaccines. One of them, for example, was given by an employee of the local sheriff’s council, who was first to come for vaccination, but did not meet his deadline due to the sweeping. Incidentally, the vaccine found it on its own. District Public Health Office Director Mike Weber said “It was one of the most spectacular events she has ever been a part of.”

VIDEO went to the law student’s grocery store, vaccinated against Kovid-19!

Oregon has received more than 100,000 doses of the vaccine from Pfizer and Modern. Currently, the first wave of vaccination is still going on there, during which the vaccine is received by health professionals and teachers.

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