The debate between Le Pen and Macron is drawing to a close: How are the candidates preparing?

The debate between Le Pen and Macron is drawing to a close: How are the candidates preparing?

The final straight line for the two presidential finalists before the second round of April 24: Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen shattered from afar on Monday, trying to destabilize the rival, ahead of the long-awaited big debate on Wednesday.

Nothing is played out and if the presidential-candidate is always given the winner, in the range of 53 to 55.5%, compared to 44.5 to 47% for Marine Le Pen, he may be struck by a faux pas or a large mobilization of the Macron opponent. There is no immunity. Voters A potentially strong restraint adds further uncertainty.

After the Easter Sunday break, the far-right candidate returns to the fray on Monday with his final visit on the agenda to Saint-Pierre-en-Auge (7,500 residents) in Calvados, ahead of Wednesday’s debate evening. “I have come to seek the strength of the people” and “I am very confident, I think I will win”, He launched.

program, she masters it

“I hope the debate will go on peacefully. We do not have exactly the same views, the country has only one vision of what the economy should be, to whom it should be turned”, She said this during a long walk under the spring sun in this Normandy city, where she came first on April 10 with nearly 35% of the vote, just six points ahead of the incumbent president.

“I hope this isn’t what I’ve been hearing for a week, constant accusations, fake news, excesses,” she pleaded again. After a failed debate in 2017, Marine Le Pen believes he is better prepared.

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“She must take the time, get comfortable. The program, she masters it. She sees very well where Mr. Macron’s attacks will lead”, RN Mayer of Perpignan Louis Aliot at France Inter said. “The advantage of this second debate is that Mr. Macron is no longer in the same position. He has a record. It will not be the same story”.

For Emmanuel Macron, Wednesday’s debate will be a “moment of clarification.” On the form, “the challenge is to be persuasive and confident without taking on an overly professional tone”, underlines the people around them.

“Deep Divide”

Emmanuel Macron, for his part, targeted his opponent to excel at a sovereign subject, at the reform of institutions, as a guarantor of the law and as respect for the Constitution, thus hoping to discredit Marine Le Pen.

“The deep division I have with the far-right candidate, is that I am all for reforming the constitution by respecting the rules of the constitution, which seems to me to be the precise definition of belonging to a republican territory”France was declared the presidential-candidate for Culture in an interview recorded on Friday and broadcast on Saturday.

“Mrs Le Pen’s view is implied that basically, once elected, she believes that she is superior to the Constitution, because she cannot respect it to change the rules, that it is a breakup. , and it’s serious”Pointed to Mr. Macron.

The RN candidate intends to submit his draft constitutional amendment on immigration and registration of a “national priority” to a referendum.

The Secretary of State for European Affairs and Emmanuel Macron’s endorsement, Clement Beaune, also “provoked the reversals, inconsistencies and discrepancies of Marine Le Pen on subjects which she exploits or on which she does not really know what her position is”. .

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“When wearing the veil, she says, she publicly assumed that the veil would have to be removed for everyone in a public place, even in the street”Minister launched. “It is unfair to all and it is contrary to republican values”, He added Sood on the radio.

The Veil, according to Le Pen “a complex problem”

However, several lieutenants of the far-right candidate said that the ban on the veil in public places, still present in Marine Le Pen’s initial project, was not their priority in the fight against Islamism. Marine Le Pen acknowledged that the veil was a “complicated problem” and that she was “not fat”.

And the national rally on Monday was still trying to articulate its position on a sensitive topic. The question of the veil is “a complicated matter”, the mayor of Perpignan at France Inter admitted to RN: “It will be a parliamentary debate and at that time, elections will be held. But we need a policy that moves slowly towards banning the veil in public place.”

“It is not our job to attack people. What we are saying is that not all women wearing the veil are Islamists”, Fréjus (Var) for his part tried to debate David Rachline’s RN Mayer Sood on the radio.


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