The embarrassing ranking of the new French minister of ecological transition

The embarrassing ranking of the new French minister of ecological transition

Amélie de Montchalin’s appointment to the Ministry of Ecological Transition was criticized, saying there is grain to grind here. “How do MPs vote for the planet?” : Two weeks before the first round of the French legislative elections, the Association Agir put the environment an “ecological” classification Based on their votes in the last five years.

The association took note of 17 environmental-related bills that had been passed by the National Assembly, such as a ban on glyphosate, compensation for victims of insecticides or the reauthorization of neonicotinoids. And Amélie de Montchalin is ranked 594th at the back of the pack … out of 648 deputies and substitutes. In particular, they voted against a ban on glyphosate, against a ban on the spread of insecticides near homes, against the abolition of tax benefits for palm oil imports … from an illustrious record for the Minister of Ecological Transitions not less .

However, she was the only Member of Parliament for Esson for two years, from June 2017 to April 2019, before becoming Secretary of State for European Affairs in the government of douard Philippe II, then Minister of Change and Action. The public in the government of Jean Castex.

The association also noted in its press release that “the first 20 representatives at the top of the rankings, with one exception, are opposition representatives from the left side of the political spectrum”. In contrast, “the last 100 in the ranking are all members of the presidential majority”.


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