The fact that an Israeli patrol was shot by a Jordanian soldier

On Wednesday, a Jordanian military source confirmed that a Jordanian soldier had fired at Israel near the border between the two countries, which was false.

official news agency, PetraAccording to the source, a suspected smuggling operation took place at exactly 11 a.m. on Tuesday in the Jordan-Syrian-Israeli border triangle (Wadi Kalid), where border guards from the Northern Military District in the al-Wajib area were located. To ensure that the area was free, a threatening shootout was launched. I’m a smuggler.”

The source explained that what happened is “a normal daily procedure to maintain the safety and security of the borders in such cases, indicating that the firing of the warning shots coincided with the passage of an Israeli patrol in the opposite direction.” “

The Jordanian source confirmed that after handling the situation, the patrol continued its movement within the borders and deep into Israel without any friction.

The Jordanian military statement indicated that it reaffirmed the commitment of all its military formations and units “to implement the rules of engagement with the highest level of decisiveness and firmness that guarantee the security, stability and security of the State”. and its limits.”

The Israeli Walla website previously reported that a Jordanian soldier on patrol near the Jordanian border encountered Israeli soldiers, and opened fire without injury.

The website quoted an Israeli military official as saying that a Jordanian soldier fired two shots at soldiers standing with their backs to the border, pointing out that the Israeli military did not respond to the sources of fire, but opened an investigation. incident.

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