The family paid the waiter more than 18 million in the United States

The family paid the waiter more than 18 million in the United States

According to fox network, This is a commendable event It happened last Sunday in a small restaurant Loose mousse, The Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs is located in an indoor water park.

Restaurant staff were stunned to see that a family left a tip 5,000 dollars (more than 18 million pesos), after ordering a plate of only $ 55, That is to say, less than 200,000 Colombian pesos.

Benevolent family I just visited the water park Had so much fun for the first time, Who were already planning their next trip.

While they were leaving, the family’s father asked to speak with the restaurant manager and said that he was going to leave a good tip, But it should be distributed among all employees, Explains the American series.

“The waiter presented the check, picked it up and brought it to me, and as we watched, it was definitely a moment of astonishment!” Monique West, director of food and beverage at Great Wolf Lodge, told Fox.

“Like incredible generosity, we feel a little mistrust”Jodi West, who noted that the tip was shared only among the 5 employees who were working in the Sunday breakfast shift.

$ 5,000 was shared between 3 waiters, one host and one assistant, For which each one gets a thousand, money which “changes their life”., According to Monique West.

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