The first traffic jam in the direction of Southern Europe, a traffic jam of about 800 km

The first traffic jam in the direction of Southern Europe, a traffic jam of about 800 km

Thus it is the cumulative traffic jam of 775 km that was seen in this great weekend of France classified crossovers in black in the direction of departure and red for return.

According to VAB, there is a delay of about five hours on the Luxembourg-Lyon-Spanish border route. The A31 motorways between Luxembourg, Nancy and Beaune, the A6 between Beain and Lyon, the A7 between Lyon and Orange, and the A9 between Orange and the Spanish border are very busy.

After Lyon the Rhne valley is, as always, the most congested, with a delay of about 141 km on the A7 motorway alone. Moving south, the Lyon-Orange travel time is 05h00 instead of 01h30 and 02h00 compared to 01h30 between Orange and Lyon.

Still to the south, the Lille – Paris – Bordeaux – Spain route is becoming increasingly busy, with delays of five hours, and disruptions that top the A10 between Paris and Bordeaux and the latter on the A630 between the city. can be found. Spanish border. In the Mont Blanc Tunnel, the waiting time can reach up to an hour.

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It takes about two hours to enter the Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland.

In Switzerland, there is already a traffic jam of about two hours in the Gotthard Tunnel between Basel and Chiasso in the south and between Chiasso and Basel in the north.

In Italy, traffic is blocked between Chiasso and Milan, Milan and Pisa and the Mont-Blanc Tunnel and Turin.

In Germany too, the A3, A5, A7 and A8 are congested, with traffic moving towards holiday destinations.

Finally, in Austria, the A10 between Salzburg and Villach (in the Tauern Tunnel on the Slovenia/Croatia side) and the A11 between Villach and Karawankentunal (the Slovenia/Croatia side) is taken over by Hurricane


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