The horned man who attacked the Capitol was arrested with violent entry

The horned man who attacked the Capitol was arrested with violent entry

The self-proclaimed ‘shaman con’ who participated in the invasion of the Capitol in Washington, who stood out for the image of the naked torso, face painted in the colors of the USA flag and fur hat and horn, was detained by police this Saturday . And accused the disturbances and entered the building violently and without legal authorization.

According to the BBC, Jacob Anthony Chancely, known as Jacob Anthony, is one of the followers of the QAnon movement – the Donald Trump movement / cult of followers who argue that a secret war against the US president’s “devil-worshiping pedophile” Lead the “political arena, business and media. For his part, Trump praised the group as” people who love America. “

In total, US law enforcement officials have already arrested a dozen people related to last Wednesday’s attack on the Capitol. These include the man who was photographed with the palpit of the House of Representatives under his arm. He was identified as Adam Johnson and charged with violent assault, disorderly conduct and theft of government property, according to a US Department of Justice statement.

Meanwhile, Trump is facing a impeachment process to “incite rebellion.” Five people died during an attack on the home of American democracy. If not removed, Trump will remain in office until January 20.

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