The horse fell on the middle of the road while pulling the car (Video)

The horse fell on the middle of the road while pulling the car (Video)

Cart horse rider fell on the road on Wednesday During rush hour in Manhattan.

As can be seen in the pictures, the driver of the vehicle hits the animal so much that it wakes up. “Get up! Get up! Get up! Come on, get up”, he throws it at her. The animal finally stayed on the ground for more than an hour.

Animal protection association PETA specifically condemns the abuse of carriage horses during heat waves. “Horses have no place in big cities where they are in constant danger from cars, humans, and the weather.”

According to the Metro website, the mounted unit of the New York Police Department (NYPD) was dispatched to the scene after a worried onlooker on 911. Also, in a surreal video shared on Twitter, we can see New York police officers on the horse on the ground and pouring buckets of ice on the animal to cool it down.

Carriage Drivers Union spokesman Pete Donohue said the vet who treated the animal concluded that the horse in question had not collapsed because of the heat, but because it was suffering from myeloencephalitis equine protozoan, a disease caused by parasites that Affects the central nervous system of horses.

Despite this statement, unions still point fingers at the practice, which has been debated in New York for many years. The city’s former mayor, Bill de Blasio, had also tried to ban it, in vain.

Ironically, after the rider was taken away, the driver of the vehicle had to pull the vehicle back on his own.

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