The hurricanes went out, the cold temperatures turned inside

The hurricanes went out, the cold temperatures turned inside

After another day of soaring and somewhat humid in the 70’s, the cold front drove the storm mine this afternoon and early evening. It is now out of the lake and the scattered gusts will last until 8 p.m.

The wind is blowing and the next move by such gusts will be 40-50 miles per hour. All SEWIs are under wind advice until 4 p.m. Temps will get closer to cooling in the morning with the heat rising with the wind in the 20s.

The minimum wind is 10-20 mph in the morning. Wednesday is sunny and chilly with lows in the middle of Wednesday. The wind also becomes lighter.

Thursday is sunny and seasonal with an altitude of 52 and we can see a little rain on Thursday night along with some other cold fronts. Friday is sunny, warm and cool with a high of 40.

Saturday is a supras, windy and rainy day with scorching in the 40’s and is likely to mix in a few snowflakes during the morning hours. We see more sunshine on Sunday with a low of 50.

Tonight: Clear, windy and cold
Low: 34
Wind: W 30-50 mph, then 15-20 mph by morning

Wednesday: Mostly sunny, cozy and cool
High: 46
Wind: WSW 10-15 miles per hour

Third: Mostly sunny and pleasant
High: 52
Wind: SSW 5-15 miles per hour

Friday: Mostly sunny, cozy and chilly
High: 40
Wind: NW 10-20 miles per hour

Saturday: cloudy weather, rain with wind and rain with snow, then chance of rain
High: 45
Wind: SE 15-25 mph

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Sunday: Partly cloudy and windy
High: 52
Wind: SW 15-20 miles per hour


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