The leaders of La France Insoumis scoff at the “manipulation” of the results of the 2022 legislative elections

The leaders of La France Insoumis scoff at the

The first round of France’s legislative elections, held this Sunday, fulfilled all its promises of suspense. After a long neck-and-neck announcement, it’s finally the Presidential Alliance! According to the results reported by the Ministry of the Interior, which itself was put forward by a small head – a 21,442 vote difference – to the Union of the Left (NUPS).

However, according to Insomys Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the biggest winner of this ballot is Nupps. ,The truth is that the presidential party is beaten and defeated“, he hammered during a speech on Sunday evening.

This Monday, several rebel leaders also condemned the “manipulation” of the results. According to Manuel Bompard, the director of Mélanchon’s presidential campaign, a labeling problem would have left the outcome of the vote biased. According to him, some candidates invested by the Union of the Left (NUPS) would have been labeled “different left” despite Mélénchon’s support of the Union, and votes in their favor would not be counted in the NUP’s results. , This would be particularly the case for many candidates from Corsica and abroad, including Jean-Hugues Ratnon, the outgoing deputy and first in the 5th constituency of Réunion.

On Twitter, this Monday morning, Jean-Luc Mélenchon also took the example of Haute-Garonne’s 8th district candidate Joel Avrignet to condemn the manipulation. ,Here’s an example of a candidate who hasn’t been counted by Darmanin in the account of Noops. Of course he will be elected. Of course he would sit in the PS group, members of Nupes“, he remarked.

According to the calculations of Manuel Bompard, who is himself a candidate in the fourth constituency of Marseille, thus Nupps’ count would be 6,101,968 votes (ie 26.8%) against 5,836,202 votes (ie 25.7%), which the Ministry of the Interior gave him. Have given.Insoumis condemns a manipulation “Artificially to make Macron’s party prominently,

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A statement shared by other Insomis, in particular by Deputy Clementine Auten, who arm himself in his constituency of Seine-Saint-Denis. ,I did not think that one day this would come as I did not have faith in the Home Ministry data.“He did the casting at France Inter this Monday morning.”We have a strong question which suggests that Mr. Dormain wanted to expose Macrony”. She continued, calling for recounting of votes.

“a smoke”

These allegations of “manipulation” prompted strong reactions in the French political ranks, in keeping with the presidential coalition. LREM’s general representative, Stanislas Guerrini, condemned the “smoking” on behalf of Insomis.

“It is Nupes’ campaign management that, by an email sent to the Ministry of the Interior on June 8, 2022, listed all candidates to whom Nupes’ shadow should be attributed. This list – although very extensive – did not contain any foreign candidates. were not listed.These candidates are also not listed on their official website“, on the information of France responded for the part of the Ministry of the Interior.

Note that the daily “Le Monde” itself made a practice of re-labeling each candidate based on their own observations. According to the French newspaper’s calculations, Nupps with 5,931,906 votes, or 26.1% of the votes, would lead Ensemble, with 5,867,165 votes, or 25.81%.


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