The moment the lava from the La Palma volcano reaches the Atlantic Ocean.. VIDEO

Events on the Spanish island of La Palma are developing rapidly due to the continuous lava and its encroachment on the island located in the Canary. Like a waterfall in water but with flames.

Today, Spanish authorities declared their “La Palma” island in the Atlantic Ocean a disaster zone caused by lava, and press reports said the government in Madrid provided 5.10 million euros in emergency aid to those affected on the island in the Canaries. . Their houses are being destroyed by LAVA to insure the housing and expenses of the affected people.

volcano falls into the sea

Volcano reaches the sea
Volcano reaches the sea

So far 600 buildings have been burned and flattened due to incendiary lava flows, and after some residents were allowed to return to their homes, the number of people evacuated was reduced to 5,600, while A curfew remained in place in four adjoining areas. Total population of about 300 people.

volcano erupts in the sea
volcano erupts in the sea

The volcano, located in the Cambre Vieja mountain range in the south of the island off the west coast of Africa, erupted on September 19 for the first time in 50 years.

Spain is prone to many natural disasters, from volcanoes to heavy rains and floods. The island of La Palma is experiencing a sixth day of eruptions, lava and smoke caused by the Cumbre Vieja eruption.


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