The mutant virus spreading from England to the world spread to Sweden

The mutant virus spreading from England to the world spread to Sweden

The Swedish Ministry of Health announced that it detected a patient infected with the corona virus variant mutated in a citizen returning from England. Sweden thus became the twelfth country outside the UK to report a case infected with the mutation “B117” or “VUI – 202012/01”.

A statement by the Swedish General Directorate of Health stated that the mutated type of Kovid-19 was detected in a woman from the Sørmland region of England, and was the first known case in Sweden.

In the statement, it was stated that the person under consideration was undergoing treatment at the hospital.

Vaccination starts tomorrow

In a country whose “herd immunity” strategy fails, vaccination against coronovirus will begin tomorrow.

Head of the General Directorate of Health, Turkish scientist Dr. Ö Zalem Tuveer and Proc. Dr. He said that his country is ready for the vaccination process that will start tomorrow against new types of coronaviruses with vaccines developed by German biotechnology company BioNotech and American pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

Which is less than 8 years old, it was 8

The Swedish General Directorate of Health reported that 396 thousand 48 Kovid-19 cases have been seen in the country so far and 8 thousand 279 people have died due to the virus.

Results of travel to travel 40 countries to the UK

It found that the ban has been imposed due to concerns about the spread of variants in countries including Turkey, a new type of corona virus mutated (Covidien-19), coming from the United Kingdom. UK flights have been suspended by more than 40 countries including Spain, Romania, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Switzerland, India and Hong Kong.

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How will this mutation affect the epidemic?


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