The new COVID-19 hinders travel from the UK to Denmark amid fears of stress

The new COVID-19 hinders travel from the UK to Denmark amid fears of stress

Dt. Britain bans visitors from Denmark after warning of urgency Mutable strains of coronavirus The immunizations attached to mink can risk success.

The UK Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, said: “Visitors to the UK from Denmark will not be allowed to enter the UK. Announced on Twitter Late Friday night, days after Denmark said Tomorrow 17 million mix Trying to eradicate the new strain of this infection.

“The decision comes as more information is being released by health officials in Denmark, leading to widespread outbreaks of coronavirus (Covid-19) on mink farms, spreading different strains of the virus in some local communities.” The UK government said on its website.

Britain returning from Denmark will also have to separate, as has anyone who has traveled there in the last two weeks.

There are 214 human cases of Covid-19 reported in Denmark, linked to Mink, some called “Cluster 5 variants”, According to The Sunday Times of London.

The Prime Minister of Denmark, Matt Frederickson, has warned that according to the UK paper, “the mutated virus carries the risk that the future vaccine will not work accordingly.”

“The worst case scenario is a new epidemic, which will start in Denmark this time,” Kare Kare Molbeck, a leading epidemiologist at Denmark’s State Serum Institute for Infectious Diseases, told the paper.

“There is a risk that this mutated virus is so different from others that we have to vaccinate new things and so [the mutation] “Initially the whole world will slam us all.” Mollback earlier Told The Guardian.


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