The NPO is also repairing the radio completely. Inland

  The NPO is also repairing the radio completely.  Inland

Major innovations are planned for NPO Radio 1, NPO Radio 2, NPO 3 FM and youth channel FunX next year. The afternoon and evening programming on Radio 1 is to be changed, with about 1.5 million cuts being made on 3FM and more investment in FunX.

The NPO, along with broadcasters, wants to investigate the possibility of using fewer presenters on Radio 1. NPO does not respond to plans. “The state of a concept is, as the word says: a concept. We are not currently making a statement about internal processes in the field of audio,” said a spokesperson.

Radio 1 has long been a news and sports channel with a place for entertainment. That is about to change. According to the plan, “NPO Radio 1 wants to become stronger in journalism with a specific offering that has an impact”, and, “You will hear the best journalists at NPO Radio 1.”

It is the mantra of the end for drama productions. “We want to clearly separate imagination from reality.”


The channel wants to invest more in investigative journalism. The public broadcaster received much criticism earlier this month as TV’s plan would focus less on journalism, including a line from ‘Other Times’. That idea was reversed.

In the draft plan, programming from 6 am to 1:30 pm remains intact. After that, changes are planned.

Light-weight or over-turning programs are at risk of collapsing, such as the BNNVARA Sport Combinati (BVSC), which discusses light sports news. A broadcaster spokesperson recognizes the plans and indicates that he is still negotiating with the NPO.

The program ‘Bloke and Tone’ by Misha Bloke and Toine van Pepperstraten, from two to four, where it now stands, is intended to make room for ‘accessible and creative formats’ and’ a new program that is in an accessible socially relevant subject Addresses way. Provides a lot of room for interaction with the listener. “Block and join” broadcaster Everotros indicates that they are negotiating with the NPO and do not want to react further.

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The NPO is trying to rejuvenate, but does it still make sense if the youth no longer watch television or don’t listen to the radio at all? Four young telegraph journalists discuss this in a podcast ‘Generation T.’:

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