The Pandora Papers: The Tax Havens of Three Portuguese Politicians

The Pandora Papers: The Tax Havens of Three Portuguese Politicians

An international inquiry, published as Pandora Letter, places three Portuguese politicians on the list of beneficiaries of various companies in the tax haven.

Former Minister of Presidency and Parliamentary Affairs Nuno Maurice Sarmento used a Company based in a tax haven to develop a diving school in Mozambique.

was now the vice president of PSD Beneficiaries of Maglia International. The company is registered in the British Virgin Islands in 2006, Bought shares in two other companies: Manningue, used for a diving school and Tofomania, which led to the construction of a hotel in Mozambique.

Rui Rio’s number two Maurice Sarmento did not respond to the sic, but explained to them Expresso, who participated in the International Association of Investigative Journalists, That Was invested with some friends.

The financial mark of Morris Sarmento is This has been revealed by a comprehensive investigation conducted by the International Consortium of Journalists.

manual pine, Former economy minister of Jose Socrates emerges Three offshore links were made public in the EDP process.

Pinho obtained through the Turtle Foundation while he was still in government, aMonthly salary of 15,000 euros. Originally call. Was Blackweed, the “blue bag of GES”, used to buy an apartment in New York City and Mandalay.

To Expresso, Jose Socrates’ former Minister of Economy, He talks of complete transparency and says that he has no income to declare to the tax authorities.

vitalino canaso Also associated with Pandora Papers. A year ago, Antonio Guterres’ former foreign minister, was trying to be nominated as the President of the Constitutional Court.

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Former PS spokesperson, when Jose Socrates was prime minister, appears under investigation In 2012, to obtain a power of attorney to act on behalf of a company registered in the British Virgin Islands.

Vitalino Canas says that The identification of clients or the possible existence of a power of attorney for the exercise of certain acts was not subject to the registration of interests in the Assembly of the Republic.

The investigation was triggered by a massive leak of information about the tax haven.

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