The plane broke into two pieces, ‘people are healthy’ (Photo)

The plane broke into two pieces, 'people are healthy' (Photo)

“The two people (who were on board) are in good health,” Costa Rica Fire Chief Hector Chaves told reporters.

Red Cross first aider Guido Vasquez said two crew members of Guatemalan nationality were taken to hospital for examination as a precaution.

The plane, a Boeing-757 of German group DHL, took off from San Jose Airport bound for Guatemala for 25 minutes when the pilot reported a problem with the hydraulic system and, according to Director of Operations Julien Balliard, had to return. asked for. and the security of the public company Eris that manages the airport.

Loss of an emergency landing shortly before 4:30 a.m. GMT (6:30 p.m. HB), the aircraft skidded, left the runway and broke in two.

Mr Balliard said the crash caused “total paralysis of operations for both arrivals and departures at Juan Santamaria Airport (in San Jose)” for several hours.


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