The President’s spokesman assured that Bolivia was a victim of Neolithicism – Prensa Latina

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They are no longer an old form of coup with tanks in Murillo Square or with military detained political leaders, vanquishing them, explained the authority in a video posted to their profile on the social network Facebook.

He said that the government’s changes in these times are subtle and disguised to form associations seeking to establish legal rules to confuse and enforce other elements.

At the end of 2019, under the logic of the recovery of democracy, there was a demand to fundamentally revise the state or return to a regressive logic for liberal forms, but basically to hand over power to areas associated with old economic backwardness For, detailed.

The spokesperson highlighted the 10 milestones in “a sequence with each other”, which allows us to clearly observe how the events in Bolivia were not accidental, nor were they the product of mobilization, but a script. Under “and was intended to be implemented.

Previously, he explained, what to do with the councils set up in October 2019 after the national election, where the message of fraud began to rise and calls for civil disobedience were made.

The second was presented on October 20, at the “very moment of the election,” the first press conference of the Organization of American States pointed to the electoral system and its rapid vote counting system.

Another step of the coup was on November 24, 2019, with the approval of legislation calling for elections as a political solution and transition venue, a legal architecture that would allow us to move towards the electoral calendar, he recalled.

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In the fourth milestone, he decided to police riot and the armed forces to request the resignation of then-President Evo Morales, as well as reviewing the candidacy of Senator Jeanine ezñez, who entered the country’s highest office Changed. In a political project.

Richter described the possession of asñez as a transitory agent for not complying with legally established legal requirements and rejected a document issued by the Constitutional Court (TC) that allegedly supported magistration is.

Bolivia tries to clarify those responsible for the massacres during the social clashes in Sakaba (Cochabamba) and Senkata (El Alto, La Paz) of November 2019, for which the Counselor’s Office in November last year coupon de-case The former president on preventive grounds for six months since opened and imprisoned since 17 March.

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