The Psychological State of Vladimir Putin Question: Is the Russian President suffering from a brain disorder?

L'état psychologique de Vladimir Poutine interroge: le président russe souffre-t-il d’un trouble cérébral ?

Less than three weeks ago, Vladimir Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine, causing thousands of victims and prompting millions of residents to leave his country. Since then, Western spies have been investigating behavior deemed unstable by the Russian president. The head of state suffers from a psychotic disorder, according to information from the Five Eyes intelligence agency that brings together Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. The latter may be caused by dementia, Parkinson’s disease, or a psychotic episode called “roid rage”, which results from high-dose steroid treatment for cancer.

However, this is what the Daily Mail reports in its column this Wednesday. To support these claims, the British daily points to the fact that Vladimir Putin has displayed a “swollen” face for several years. ,There has been a recognizable shift in their decision making over the past five years. notices a change in the relevance and clarity of what those around him say and how he views the world around him“, a source close to the agency Five Eyes would have confirmed.

As well as information gathered by the spy organization, Vladimir Putin may not have been informed of the possibility of a military failure in Ukraine. Very disturbing new revelations given the current context. Is the Russian President Really Able to Think Clearly?

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