“The situation could be dangerous this Friday”, here’s what to expect hour by hour!

A small storm depression is expected to develop over the Bordeaux region late next night, gradually moving to the northeast.

This stormy low pressure core will rapidly move into the conflict zone between very warm air that will continue to rise over eastern and central France and colder air that will move over Brittany and Normandy.

The first thunderstorms will reach the south of the country towards the end of the morning and when the depression center crosses the country between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., storm events will rapidly spread toward the center, west and north of our regions. With locally violent storms that, according to the latest news, should mainly affect Hainaut, the two Flanders and the province of Antwerp. But as with all stormy conditions, it does not exclude that other regions of the country are also affected by severe weather.

Precipitation will be abundant and usually between 15 and 30 L/m locally, 30 to 50 L/m or even more in a few hours, especially in areas north of the Sambre and Meuse Faro.

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The electrical activity will also be intense and there is a possibility of hailstorm along with strong wind gusts at some places.


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