The SPD and the Union begin the search for the German government – Politics –

The SPD and the Union begin the search for the German government - Politics -

SPD chancellor candidate Scholz begins investigation with FDP and Greens

From Sunday, a week after the general elections, the SPD and the union will start discussions on the formation of a future government. SPD negotiators for chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz have held separate talks with the FDP and the Greens. In the evening, union negotiators around chancellor candidate Armin Laschet (CDU) held discussions with the FDP delegation around party leader Christian Lindner. Two smaller parties decide whether Scholz or Lachet will become chancellor.

The Greens and the FDP met on Friday. After three hours of hard work, both the sides showed unity. Lindner and Greens president Annalena Berbock and Robert Habeck did not wish to reveal the intermediate results of their deliberations. Scholz and the SPD, who won the federal election, are relying on a traffic light alliance with the FDP and the Greens. According to surveys, such an alliance is viewed positively by the majority of the population.

The FDP preferred a Jamaican coalition made up of the Union, Liberals and Greens. Lasquet had made it clear that he wanted to forge such an alliance despite the Sangh’s electoral defeat. The CDU/CSU fell to a low of 24.1 percent in the federal election held last Sunday. The SPD was the strongest force with 25.7 percent. The Greens came in as the third strongest force with 14.8 percent. The FDP was behind with 11.5 per cent.

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