The wedding venue is booked for two years, but they learn at worst within 48 hours of the big day!

The wedding venue is booked for two years, but they learn at worst within 48 hours of the big day!

Like many brides and grooms, Lorre and Maxim Rifaut plan to get married a year later, a time for the large masses to pour the dishes and hold a beautiful ceremony. Quickly, the couple starts looking for a room to host the evening. “Our choice fell on the room at “La Picardy” in Arvillers. This is a very recent and very large room as it can accommodate more than 200 people. Plus, there’s a large exterior and a closed car park.” The couple exchanged with the town hall since March 2019 and blocked the date of May 30, 2020. A contract is signed on January 10, 2020 and the bride and groom pay the full rent, i.e. 500 Euros for people outside the residence. ,

The first captivity in March 2020 halted the wedding project, indicates Le Courier-Picard. The couple postponed the date to June 26, 2021. The sanitation situation is still not in good condition and the lovebirds prefer to get married in a civilized manner in a small committee and postpone the religious ceremony and party for later. Multiple emails exchanged with Arvillers’ town hall confirm the new date of May 14, 2022. Months pass while Laure and Maxim Rifot refine the decorations of their wedding evening and pamper their little Camille, who arrived in August 2021. On Thursday, May 12, the young mother sends the final message to the municipality to decide the placement of the list of fixtures. Crisis: The City of Arvillers now talks about May 21.

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“After everything was done by phone, says Laure Rifot. The town clerk explained to us that another couple had already paid for room rent a week earlier for room and utensils on the same date. There was a mistake The room was rented on the same day to two different people. According to him, the mayor of Arvillers, Yves Cotard, would have decided in favor of the other couple as they come from the city. Asked about this by our city councilor Didn’t want to answer the questions of colleagues.


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