There are already more than ten: these are the 14 main traits of Omicron in the order of their appearance.


Estimates suggest that the incubation period (the time between a person becoming infected and the first symptoms) was approximately Five day for alpha version and Four Days for Delta. It is now speculated that the new Omicron version, may have reduced it right now three days,

Other features of the new version, which scientists increasingly agree on, Is this despite the fact that the speed of infection is very fast, Cases doubled in a day or two Symptoms are mild. In many cases, Patients suffering from it have defined it as “cold”.

Scientists now believe they have a better understanding of why this sensation is occurring: omicron may have similar symptoms Because according to a new study, there’s a genetic code for the common cold inside the new variant.

As Omicron began to spread, doctors noticed subtle differences in their patients’ symptoms compared to previous forms. Reported symptoms are mild and similar to those of a cold.

A woman with her son in Caracas, Venezuela. Photo: AP

According to the first medical report, all patients who had three doses of vaccine had mild symptoms, which included Sore throat, fatigue and muscle aches.

However, Previous features of Covid-19such as fever, cough and loss of taste or smell, had decreased.

“Omicron’s Most Reported Characteristics” are very cold indeed, especially among those who have been vaccinated,” he added A recent video Dr. Claire Steves, stage scientist ZO COVID Symptom Study, a portal from the University of Oxford dedicated to self-aggregating symptoms reported by patients Beginning of the epidemic.

Location business Insider data used from Zoe’s COVID Symptom Study To create a ranking that categorizes the 14 main traits of the Omicron variant.

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The ranking, which uses data from 5 January, is based on patients in the UK who tested positive during the period when the Omron version first spread in that country.

According to this report these are the main symptoms of the Omicron version. The report included the percentage of people who reported having symptoms.

1. Runny nose: 73%.

2. Headache: 68%.

3. Fatigue: 64%.

4. Sneezing: 60%.

5. Sore throat: 60%.

6. Persistent cough: 44%.

7. Hoarse voice: 36%.

8. Chills: 30%.

9. Fever: 29%.

10. Dizziness: 28%.

11. Brain fog: 24%.

12. Muscle pain: 23%.

13. Loss of smell: 19%.

14. Chest pain: 19%.

To prevent symptoms, Dr. Robert Quigley, Senior Vice President and Director of Global Medicine International SOS, a leading medical and security services company, said in an interview with that unfortunately “It can be difficult or impossible to stop them.”

only recommended For those who may experience a headache, sore throat or fever, hydrate and take over-the-counter headache and cold medicines.

For this reason, doctors insisted that since there is no specific treatment for the new variant, other than self care tips has been repeated tirelessly during the pandemic, Vaccination remains the main means of preventing the disease.


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