There should be a caste-wise census in the country – Ramdas remembered

Mumbai: Union Minister of State for Social Justice Ramdas Athawale has said that there should be a caste-wise census in the country. Meanwhile, Sunday was World Population Day. On this occasion, Ramdas Athawale interacted with the media. This demand was made by Ramdas Athawale.

Census should not be linked to any religion. There should be caste wise census in the country. Ramdas Athawale said that this will help every section of the society. Also, after the caste-wise census, the population of each caste in the country will be known. For this I have written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Ramdas Athawale said that he will also discuss this with the Census Commission.

He also said that the scheme of the government will help to reach every section of the society through caste wise census. Also, there is a need to give reservation to the economically and socially backward people, saying that the limit of 50 per cent reservation cannot be exceeded. However, this limit must be crossed for social justice, said Ramdas Athawale.

Meanwhile, in some states of the country, emphasis is being laid on making laws to bring the population under control. The new population policy will be implemented in Uttar Pradesh and Assam. For this both the states have started efforts. Also, if there are more than two children, it is being considered to keep them away from government schemes. This topic is being discussed everywhere at this time.


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