“There was a wall in front of my garden” (photos)

This is a real situation, hardly to be believed, that was experienced by Corinne, a resident of Brue-la-Buissier in the north of France. For two weeks, that rented house remains submerged in darkness from morning till night. However, the house was facing south and according to itself, the sun was present throughout the day.

what changed ? Since April 12, suddenly a huge wall has formed in front of his garden, as told voice of answer, This wall against which she cannot do anything today and which deprives her and her two neighbors of sunlight. But not only that. “It will increase our heating bills,” denounces one of the neighbors.

This construction was known to be on the land in front of the Garden of Corinne. Residents knew this for a while: a building permit was submitted and validated. “But for a long time we didn’t know exactly what was going to become, nor how big it would be,” says the woman who would only learn much later that it would be a conservative practice. A cabinet she knows is about to be imposed. “But at that time I had never imagined something so high and above all so close to us.

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The shock will come one evening, by surprise, when she returns home. “I came back and there was a wall in front of my garden”, she tells our colleagues. A wall, four to six meters high, sticks out less than 40 centimeters from the residents’ gardens. “We are convinced that there are many things that are legally wrong, we think there is still time to revoke building permits and we will do everything for it,” Korin explains.

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When contacted, the Town Hall decided to go there and look at the file. “We have no doubts about the permit, there is nothing wrong with it. What we are going to verify is that what has been declared is correct according to the permit granted. ,

On behalf of Corinne and her neighbors, they promise to do everything possible to get the case.


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