They ask that people who have received one dose of Sputnik V restart their vaccination with another vaccine.

They ask that people who have received one dose of Sputnik V restart their vaccination with another vaccine.

more than 1:30 this Saturday afternoon 70,000 people They had joined an initiative on the site. in which the government Alberto Fernandez that’s a deal new plan with the first and second doses of vaccines available from other laboratories for the recipients Sputnik V. only the first dose ofThis is due to the delay in the arrival of component 2 of the Russian formula in the country.

Last week, Senator julio cobos had picked up same order for executive branch.

It should be noted that they proceed in city You at the national level The trial has been conducted to determine whether combining the application of vaccines from different manufacturers will be safe and effective against COVID-19. If the first favorable results from these studies are confirmed, there may not be a need to restart the vaccination program in those receiving dose 1 of Sputnik, and this will be sufficient to implement them.a second injection of one of the other vaccines.

The originator of the new initiative is 68-year-old Amalia Granza, who wrote: “On April 4th I received my first dose of the Sputnik vaccine against COVID-19. 90 days have elapsed for the second dose And the government is still not sure when the vaccination program will be completed.”

This person argues that approximately 2.7 million people over the age of 60 are still waiting and “facing the need for an urgent solution”, asking whether “a New schedule with first and second doses of vaccines available from other laboratories For those who received only the first dose of Sputnik”.

“One is sensitive situation Where health is at stake, and practical and immediate action must be taken. We are close to the Delta version and it will be fatal ”, argues who was on the way to achieving the initial goal of 75 thousand adhesions.

Several signatories left their comments in the publication of change.orgOne of them added his experience: “I sign for me with a wait of 69 years and 120 days !!! My mother-in-law with 90 years and 118 days waiting

“I got the second dose 112 days after the first dose. I sign in to help everyone who are still waiting for full vaccination,” said a neighbor avallaneda, Province of Buenos Aires.

From white bay he claimed: “have the right to take both dosesThe government is in debt to six million citizens”.

the figure that really over 6.8 million, corresponds to Number of Argentines who received the first dose of Sputnik V And they still wait for another. a 73.4% of the total Those who have received at least one dose of Sputnik expect a complete plan.

Kobos’ request

A few days ago former Vice President and current Senator together for changehandjob julio cobos, questioned the government for its “lack of foresight” and Also requested a new plan with another vaccine For people who have had only one dose of the Russian vaccine.

Through a communication project, Kobos requested information from Executive Power From above contract details The state of Argentina has signed with Russia.

The Mendoza leader pointed out that “all deadlines for efficient application of the second dose to achieve adequate vaccination” they are overdueAccording to information provided by the vaccine developer himself, “and that” there is no certainty about the arrival of the second dose.

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“Facing the situation raised, it is necessary to analyze whether it is not more convenient, both from the health and economic point of view, start a new vaccination program For people who received the first dose of Sputnik V together with vaccination: store from other laboratories,” Kobos remarked.

And he added: “In particular, it should be analyzed if it is possible and, if necessary, to pursue this decision as soon as possible. The health of Argentina cannot depend on the will of a Russian official or bureaucrat.” “



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